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Well hey therel lf you landed on this page, well take that to mean you're probably thinking about inviting us into your home and looking toget to know us a bit.Nothing excites us more. Before we all get comfy together let us introduce ourselves.What kind of house guest would we be if we didn't, eh?

Apt2B started in 2010 by two guys who saw a need for furniture that was better quality than the Scandinavian superstore we all know, butmore affordable and less precious than a luxury boutique. The furniture industry has changed a lot since then, but our mission to sel beautiful furniture that's built to last and at real-life prices remains the same.

We are based in sunnyLos Angeles and managed by a friendly team located across the country.We build and curate a variety of stylishproducts from furniture to decor,sized for your downtown apartment or sprawling ranch home-don't let the "A·pt in our name fool you (oh,in case you were wondering, its pronounced "apartment-two-be")l You can spot our signature mid-century modern designs throughout oursite, but we carry transitional, glam, industrial and Scandifornian-style pieces, too.Most importantly, our products are made for real rooms(we know you dont live in a magazine!),real people(families of ll kinds & roommates), and the messy ins and outs of dail life(you'll want to check out our practically bulletproof performance fabrics.)

Our Story

Were especially proud of our made-to-order sofas, sectionals and sleepers. We know how valuable it can be to customize furniture that bestsuits your home and design vision.Simply choose your configuration, and select from a colorfularay of hard-working fabrics and threeversatile leg finishes,then our USA-based craftsmen will get to work building your sofa,for you. f questions with your order arise,we have a friendly, award-winning Customer Care team ready to help via chat, email or phone.

Buying furniture online sight unseen can be scary. We know that but we're devoted to making the process easy and efficient so you can click"add to cart" with confidence.And while we tend to have itte fun with our marketing-after all, e're selling furniture, not saving the world-we are committed to giving back to underrepresented groups by supporting charities and organizations with custom-made furniture in our local community and beyond.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to drop us an email or say hello on social media-we love hearing from you!

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